Launch of the Cerillion Blog

I am delighted to launch this blog as a new channel for interacting with our customers, partners and industry contacts. As a complement to our quarterly Evolve newsletter, the Cerillion Blog will endeavour to provide a regular feed of company news, industry insight and informed opinion, all delivered by a team of recognised experts from across the company.
Through this blog we intend to entertain, inform and challenge you to consider new angles and make new connections. We also hope to be able to provide you with some new ideas and approaches to help you survive in a tremendously competitive but also compelling market. As part of a wider set of social media activities also including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you are encouraged to comment and engage in discussions, as well as sharing blog posts with your own contact networks.
The blog contains an initial archive of posts that have been written prior to launch, so feel free to browse and comment on these articles, as well as looking out for new posts in the coming weeks. You can of course keep track of all new posts via RSS and our social media channels, and we will round-up the highlights from the blog in the forthcoming editions of Evolve.
We hope you find the Cerillion Blog interesting and informative, and if there are any specific subjects that you would like us to comment on in the future, then please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or on trusty email at