Tweetchat: Customer Experience in Telecoms

Tweetchat: Customer Experience in Telecoms As the telecoms industry matures, the market has changed from one driven purely by new subscriber acquisition to one of customer retention and the need to develop higher value and longer lasting relationships. Today communications services providers (CSPs) around the world are waking up to increasing competition and the need to develop the customer experience as a differentiator and to create value in their customer relationships.

However, many CSPs acknowledge that they are currently providing an inconsistent and at times unmanaged customer experience, with a lack of integration between customer service channels and their BSS / OSS platforms one of the key challenges for their businesses. 

Join us for a live “Tweetchat” to discuss this and other Customer Experience challenges.
When?  Thursday 31st March, 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST / 09:00 EDT (duration 1 hour).
Where? On Twitter, using the hashtag #CSPCX (
The session will be introduced by Teresa Cottam, founder and research director of Telesperience, and co-hosted by Cerillion’s Dominic Smith and Jane Rygaard from Nokia Siemens Networks.
Our discussions will centre on the following two questions, with input from participants driving the further debate:

1. What is the business value of improving the customer experience, and how can you ensure you squeeze the maximum value out of initiatives to improve the customer experience?

2. We often hear that data is a telecoms USP but you wouldn’t think so when you look at how it is treated! How can we make better use of data to optimise the customer experience?

How do I get involved? The discussion is open to anyone with an interest and an opinion on Customer Experience in Telecoms – just make sure you use the #CSPCX hashtag to tweet, retweet, reply and share your views on Twitter.
If you can’t join us for the live tweetchat then don’t worry, because the discussion will continue on Twitter using the #CSPCX hashtag over the coming weeks and months. And we’ll be covering the key takeaways from the tweetchat here on this blog.