Power and simplicity

Power and simplicity Cerillion’s CTO, Simon Matthews, reflects on the launch of our new cloud billing application and shares the vision behind the development of this exciting new solution.

The positive buzz generated by the launch of Cerillion Skyline has gone beyond my most optimistic aspirations. I’m the possessive sort; a lot of time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears go into the launch of any product or major release, and Skyline has been like bringing another child into the world for me. We took that child through crawling, then toddling, and now ‘our baby’ can run, and just how fast it runs is a key factor in the enthusiasm and interest the launch has generated.

Designing and developing a cloud billing solution that can be used in literally all markets is a complex undertaking, and that is why our focus has been so keenly tuned to keeping the application’s vast capabilities a simple undertaking for the user. We have focused heavily on ensuring business processes that can often be a burden are managed either by loading or cascading data through application integration.

That’s not to say you can’t key it in should you wish. If you are just starting out in business or in a high penetration low complexity market that may suit you just fine. But when your business expands to thousands of different product and service classifications, operating in multiple countries, with multiple tax schemes, with differing hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly charges, these are best loaded into your new Skyline billing solution directly.

Underneath the Skyline multi-input front end application we have our charging and billing engines, tried and tested within the telecommunications sector, a market where real-time consumer information is an essential mechanism in the effective running of your business. With these engines we can process your input data that you either wish to charge and advise, or charge and bill, as fast as your business desires. This can be anything from once a month to instantaneously, giving your business the most effective control of your revenue.

When you are looking for a cloud billing application to be a key path for the generation of your revenue, then the predictability, reliability and availability of that revenue stream is crucial. And it is the underlying power, reliability and experience we possess that appear to be so attractive to those looking for a solution in the cloud billing space.

We are very proud that our application handles the most complex of charging and billing rules simply and expediently, with a user interface that requires no technical skills above use of the Internet to create and sell products that have a billing relationship with your consumers included. Cerillion Skyline really is the optimal blend of power and simplicity.