Amazon Prime subscriptions hit record highs in December

Amazon Prime subscriptions hit record highs in December Amazon Prime, perhaps the world’s most unique subscription bundle, has added 4 million subscribers in just a week. It seems like the holiday season has brought in big gains for the e-commerce giant, and we are featuring this development as our main story in this year’s final subscription roundup. In our second feature, we probe Netflix’s interesting partnership with WhatsApp in India. Finally, we look at smartphone maker Xiaomi’s new subscription plan. 

Happy Holidays for Amazon
While there were some analysts which claimed that new Amazon Prime subscription signups may have slowed down, a new release from Amazon reveals a completely different story. The company added 4 million subscribers in just a week, and according to estimates, Amazon may now have close to 88 million Prime subscribers. It is also being estimated that Amazon accounted for about 50% of all the holiday sales online.
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Netflix partners with WhatsApp in India for subscriber engagement
Video streaming giant Netflix has entered into a new partnership with popular messaging app WhatsApp to bolster its subscriber engagement efforts in India. The news first emerged when some subscribers posted screenshots which showed the integration. Netflix plans to use this feature to send content recommendations and account updates to its subscribers. WhatsApp is planning to bring more enterprises and businesses under its new service.
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Xiaomi launches Super VIP subscription program in China
Smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched a Super VIP monthly subscription plan in China. For a cost of Yuan 9.9 per month (or Yuan 88 per year), the subscription program allows users to get rid of annoying display ads and includes 5GB free cloud storage space, 22 themes and 1,000 books per month. Subscribers opting for the yearly plan will get access to 10 GB storage, 37 themes and 1,200 books per month. Since this subscription model is a VIP plan, Xiaomi plans to cap it at 10,000 monthly users.
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