Amazon-Walmart’s big fight to conquer retail

Amazon-Walmart’s big fight to conquer retail This week's subscription roundup features two interesting developments in the retail war currently being fought by Amazon and Walmart. This was the first week of Amazon’s complete takeover of Whole Foods. Our first feature explores the Amazon imprint on Whole Foods in its very first week. The second big development comes from the Walmart stables as the retail giant has entered into a partnership with Google to beat Amazon at its own game. In addition, we feature an interesting story about young millennial preferences.  

Amazon begins the Whole Foods transformation

Amazon has already begun to transform the Whole Foods shopper experience by slashing prices for many of its products. Till now, Whole Foods was positioned as an upscale grocer but Amazon wants to change this positioning. By making it more accessible, Amazon is aligning to one of its core business objectives – reach as many customers as possible. Eventually, Amazon wants to make Whole foods as a pickup point for its online customers who can order groceries on the Amazon website or app and pick it up from Whole Foods. Amazon also has plans to offer in-store benefits to Amazon Prime subscribers.
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Walmart-Google join hands to fight Amazon

Retail giant Walmart and search engine giant Google have entered into a partnership that will likely have a huge impact on the retail industry. According to the deal, Walmart will sell its products on Google Express (Google’s e-commerce store), in addition to its own website. Users can purchase products using the Google Home Assistant or the Google express app or website. Users will also be able to link their Walmart accounts with their Google accounts to get more personalised shopping recommendations. Walmart’s low prices coupled with Google’s expertise in data and voice services does hold the potential to give some serious competition to Amazon’s super-smooth shopping experience.
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Millennials love subscriptions, says survey

According to a recent survey, millennials are more likely to subscribe to retail services compared to baby boomers. The study revealed that the millennials are 24 percent more likely to have a meal kit subscription, 35 percent more likely to have a shave club subscription and 28 percent more likely to have a beauty box subscription. Despite the huge interest in retail subscription services, magazines and newspapers remained the most popular subscriptions.
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