Amazon’s new value-add to its Prime subscription service - Alexa Skills

Amazon’s new value-add to its Prime subscription service - Alexa Skills ​In this week’s subscription roundup, our main feature focuses on Amazon’s new subscription plans for ‘Skills’ (apps) on Alexa, it’s voice-based digital assistant which powers its Echo devices. Then we jump on to explore sportswear giant Under Armour’s all new subscription box service. Lastly, we look at how Netflix is using augmented reality to promote its show ‘Stranger Things’.

Amazon adds paid subscriptions for Alexa Skills

Amazon’s Echo ecosystem, which owns 70 percent of the voice-controlled speaker market, is now encouraging developers to make money out of building apps for their Alexa-powered devices. These voice-based apps, also known as Alexa Skills, can help customers do a lot more with their Echo devices and there are a number of ‘skills’ already available. In what can be labelled as quite a futuristic move, Amazon has added a subscription tier to access premium content within the ‘Jeopardy! Skill’ on the platform. More interesting is the fact that this is another value-add to its Amazon Prime subscription service, that already offers perks such as free and fast shipping, Amazon Prime Video, early and exclusive deals and even Amazon Prime Music. Prime members will get free access to the premium content available through the ‘Jeopardy! Skill’. Non-prime members who want access will have to subscribe to the ‘Skill’ for $1.99 per month.

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Under Armour launches new subscription box service – ArmourBox

Under growing pressure from dipping sales numbers and new competitors, athletic wear company Under Armour has launched a new monthly subscription box service called ArmourBox. However, unlike other subscription boxes, subscribers will not have to pay upfront. Customers will only pay for what they keep, and return the rest of the items for free. The company will also offer a 20 percent discount to customers who decide to keep all the items available in the ArmourBox. Many companies have hopped on to the subscription box bandwagon, with the most recent big additions being Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Gap.

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Netflix uses augmented reality to engage subscribers

Subscription streaming service Netflix is using augmented reality (AR) to promote the second season of its hit show – Stranger Things. Teaming up with Snapchat, Netflix has launched a unique ‘World Lens’ on Snapchat that lets fans experience the various elements of the show. Snapchatters across 10 global markets, including the UK and US, can access the Stranger Things AR experience. Netflix has been tapping some unique ways to promote its shows, the most recent being its integration with ride-sharing app Lyft. Last month, Netflix also started offering bandwidth-efficient technologies to partner airlines to enable flyers to stream content in the skies.

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