Amazon enters Singapore with its Prime Now subscription service

Amazon enters Singapore with its Prime Now subscription service In this week’s subscription roundup, we highlight e-commerce giant Amazon’s first entry into the competitive Southeast Asian market. The company’s fastest delivery service, Prime Now, is now available in Singapore. In addition, we also feature a Cerillion blog on Amazon Spark, the company’s first social media platform. Apart from these stories around Amazon, we also feature a unique subscription service by a router company called Luma. 

Amazon launches Prime Now subscription service in Singapore

As part of its global expansion plans, Amazon has launched Prime Now in Singapore. The Prime Now service promises two-hour deliveries across thousands of categories. This move will pit Amazon directly against rival Alibaba. Currently, the subscription service does not include access to Amazon’s media streaming service and Amazon Echo. Amazon has a significant presence in Asia through the Indian and Japanese markets, but experts predict that Southeast Asia will not be an easy ride for the company.

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Amazon’s very own social network for shoppers – Spark

Amazon has designed an exclusive social platform for its Prime subscribers. Called Spark, the social platform presents an Instagram-type feed of images which will take users directly to the related product pages. Amazon Spark sits within the Amazon parent app, and is quite similar in design to Pinterest and Instagram. However, the goal with this new social platform is very clear – make shoppers spend more and improve their shopping experience.

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Router company Luma launches subscription service

Router company Luma has just introduced a service to generate a steady stream of subscription revenue from its new mesh routers. For a subscription fee of $5 per month, the service includes a VPN, anti-virus protection, monthly ISP Speed monitoring reports and priority phone support. Mesh routers like Luma are usually sold to blanket homes with Wi-Fi.  Rival Eero had also launched its own subscription service a few weeks ago, with a recurring charge of $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

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