Delivering the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Customer Experience

Delivering the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Customer Experience
The telecommunications industry is having a tough time catching up with the rising demands of the new-age consumer. The solution lies with modern breed of enterprise BSS/OSS tools that hold the key to effective network performance management and delightful experiences for your customers. Chris Ankers presents the details…

Traditional telcos are facing many challenges including declining revenue numbers, over capacity, new data-centric services and competition from non-traditional communications players who are more entrenched in the digital era. In the wake of these challenges, delivering the right customer experience becomes an extremely important aspect of their service for maintaining a competitive edge and crucially, retaining their customers.

But the road to customer satisfaction and loyalty is not an easy one, even with the marketing tools that give us rich insights into customer behaviour. In today’s digital economy, consumers have become far more demanding. Customers expect quick, immediate and relevant resolutions to their queries. There is simply no time for downtime!

Now, imagine dealing with a customer base that is distributed across multiple remote locations with varying levels of network coverage and capacity. CSPs may depend on multiple networks for delivering services including voice, broadband and often TV services too. Are they in a position to immediately tailor their offerings based on customer location? Are the network management and order management systems up to speed with customer expectations?

To be fair to CSPs though, they have to contend with large networks which throw a lot of challenges while trying to collect real-time performance data. Moreover, with the rapid acceleration of mobile data, CSPs are facing roadblocks due to the transition to LTE and 5G networks, and the increasing number of apps and quality of experience expectations. In addition, CSPs also face complexities due to hybrid system architectures that have evolved over many years, as well as multi-layer networks.

To manage their services effectively, CSPs need an end-to-end view of all their network components and collect performance data from all these endpoints. They need solutions that can model networks accurately and flexibly from the core network all the way to the customer premises, supporting capacity planning and service assignment. CSPs must therefore invest in solutions that give them complete visibility into their resources, help them identify issues and optimise their networks effectively. In short, CSPs need to invest in performance managemen of their services.

A modern, pre-integrated Enterprise BSS/OSS solution can help with performance management and ultimately, optimise the overall customer experience. Since a lot of services today depend on the networked information hosted in the cloud, network performance management provides opportunities to improve the customer experience. In addition, the right tools also give you access to historical customer analytics which can be used to distribute resources more efficiently. Effective network performance management helps you to drive more business efficiency through better utilisation of resources and reduced capital expenditure, but above all else, it helps deliver the ‘right here, right now’ customer experience which is crucial for increasing your customer lifetime value.