Disney to launch its own streaming services

Disney to launch its own streaming services Everybody anticipated this, but no one was quite sure when Disney will take the plunge. In this week’s subscription roundup, our main feature revolves around Disney’s announcement to launch its own streaming services and the impact it will have on its distribution partners such as Netflix. In addition, we feature two in-house stories covering Netflix’s first acquisition and Amazon’s Australia launch. 

Disney to pivot towards streaming services, will pull its movies from Netflix

Global media and entertainment giant Disney has announced that it will launch a streaming service in 2019 in the US. The move to pivot towards a new business model was announced during the latest earnings release. Disney plans to remove Disney and Pixar titles from Netflix, but the Marvel TV shows will continue to be available to Netflix subscribers. The new streaming service will be home to all Disney movies in the future. The company has not made any announcement regarding the subscription plans for users. Also, the news is relevant only to the US market and Netflix subscribers in other markets such as Australia will continue to get access to Disney movies. However, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Disney expands its offering globally. Netflix shares were down 5 percent after the announcement.

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Netflix acquires comic book publisher Millarworld

In what marks a significant shift in Netflix’s growth strategy, the subscription streaming platform has acquired Millarworld. Founded by Mark Millar, the comic book publishing house is home to popular titles such as ‘Kingsman’, ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Wanted’. With this acquisition, Netflix has reaffirmed its commitment towards building upon its content portfolio of comic book characters. This move will also help Netflix move faster towards its objective of owning more than 50 percent of the content on its platform. Netflix can also use Millarworld’s characters to foray into other areas such as consumer products.

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Amazon inches closer to its Australian launch

E-commerce giant Amazon has taken the first step towards its Australia launch by unveiling the location of its first warehouse in Melbourne and appointing one of its top German executives as the country manager. It is widely expected that Amazon will launch its full-fledged shopping service next year. Amazon’s entry down under will worry local retailers such as Myer, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Analysts are already expecting that Amazon can smash retailer revenues by up to 55 percent. Amazon has not said anything about its Prime subscription service, but experts are expecting that the company will launch Amazon Fresh along with the parent website launch.

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