Google launches new enterprise subscription service

Google launches new enterprise subscription service In this week’s subscription roundup, we feature two stories from the Google stables. The company has launched a new enterprise subscription service for organisations that want to adopt Chrome OS devices. We also feature a story about Google’s efforts towards building new subscription tools for news publishers. In addition, we feature popular writing app Ulysses’ move to a subscription model. 

Google introduces Chrome Enterprise Subscription Service

Google has rebranded its Chromebooks for Work subscription service into a new enterprise service for large organisations. Priced at $50 per device annually, the Chrome Enterprise subscription program is a push to promote Chromebook usage among enterprises along with additional services. The Chrome Enterprise is fully compatible with their existing on-remise Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure. In addition, the service will allow businesses to manage their Chrome OS devices from the enterprise mobility management solutions already used by them. It will also offer round-the-clock enterprise support, managed OS updates and printer management.

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Google building new tools to boost subscriptions for news publishers

Close on the heels of Facebook, tech giant Google is also developing new subscription tools for news media companies. Google will revamp its ‘first click free’ program that allows readers to access articles from subscription publications. Google is also exploring new payment tools that will enable smooth subscription management. To facilitate this, Google is developing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a new feature that will allow websites to load more quickly within Google search. Google has not shared plans about its approach to revenue and data sharing. Google is currently testing the tools with The New York Times and Financial Times.

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Ulysses moves to a subscription model

Ulysses, a popular writing app, is switching to a subscription-based model. The app helps you write, edit, organize, sync and export all your writing on a single interface. Earlier, the company used to take an upfront charge of $45 for the Mac and $25 for the iOS. After the change, the subscribers will now have to pay $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually. It remains to be seen whether Ulysses can make people pay for the app on a recurring basis. While people don’t mind subscribing to apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify, paying for small productivity apps like is still not very popular.

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