Is Amazon developing a YouTube rival?

Is Amazon developing a YouTube rival? In this week’s subscription roundup, we bring you yet another interesting development from the Amazon stables. Our main feature focuses on recent trademark filings that have heightened speculation that the company may be working on its own YouTube clone. Our second story highlights YouTube’s global deals with major music labels amid plans to launch its own subscription music streaming service. Our third feature explores the narrowing gap between Amazon and, believe it or not, Google in product search.

Amazon mulling over plans to develop its own version of YouTube

Amazon’s love-hate relationship with YouTube is well chronicled, and both companies have been bickering over selling each other’s products and services on their platforms. In a new development, the e-commerce giant has filed trademark requests for products called AmazonTube and OpenTube. Amazon filed for these requests as soon as Google announced its plans to remove YouTube access on Amazon’s devices. While Google possibly can’t aim to trump Amazon’s online e-commerce presence, it is relatively easy for Amazon to create a YouTube-like offering. It will be interesting to see the direction Jeff Bezos takes with this service.

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Video sharing platform YouTube strikes deals with Universal and Sony Music

Earlier this month, we learnt about YouTube’s plans to launch its own music subscription service. The company has now signed global multi-year agreements with the world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group, and according to some reports, has also reached an agreement with Sony Music. With Warner Music Group already on board, the latest development means that YouTube has locked down deals with all three major labels, which will help accelerate the launch of its music streaming subscription service.

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Google narrows search gap with Amazon in the e-commerce market

While Amazon may be the preferred destination for online shoppers, another technology giant seems to be close on its heels. A new report has revealed that Alphabet Inc’s Google and other search engines are narrowing the gap when it comes to searching for products. Amazon is the first choice for shoppers looking to buy specific products, but Google seems to be the preferred place for exploring products casually. A big reason for Google’s growth is attributed to the rise in mobile spending. 

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