Is Twitter moving to a subscription-based model?

Is Twitter moving to a subscription-based model? Subscription-based models are increasingly gaining prominence in the business world. Here are three stories that caught our eye this week:

Twitter to roll-out paid subscription service for power users?
Bogged by slowing growth rates and poor revenues, popular social media channel Twitter is exploring subscription-based services for its power users. It is planning to roll out the service via TweetDeck, its popular website and desktop application. This 'advanced TweetDeck' will allow customers to see trends, alerts and other happenings in one customisable dashboard. According to reports, the micro-blogging platform will charge around $19.99 per month to access the service.
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Adobe's Digital Transformation Efforts Paying Off
Many software companies have changed their business models from traditional license and maintenance to subscriptions for apps and cloud services. Adobe is arguably one of the big success stories. In fact, Adobe's Creative Cloud Platform is now the company's biggest growth driver. According to reports, 82% of its most recent quarter revenue was driven by subscriptions.
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IoT ripe for a services model?
Many businesses are scrambling to build on the Internet of Things (IoT) hype by exploring the IoT as a service (IoTaaS) model. But how will businesses know whether they are getting a proper IoTaaS platform? Some businesses have come up with integrated SaaS-based offerings along with data and cloud services to implement IoT applications quickly. Many others are becoming providers at the carrier level to offer enterprise-class services that can support everything from connected cars to other channels. Carriers can also utilise their networking capabilities to manage their IoT infrastructure.
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