Netflix inks deal with Deutsche Telekom

Netflix inks deal with Deutsche Telekom In this week’s subscription roundup, our main feature explores Netflix’s new global partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The move will help the subscription streaming service reach even more subscribers in Europe. The second one explores the latest subscription offering from movie ticketing service MoviePass. Our final feature is about the FCC’s new plans to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality regulations. 

Netflix and Deutsche Telekom enter into a global partnership

Netflix has inked a global partnership with Deutsche Telekom which will help the subscription OTT service to reach more subscribers in Europe. The German telco’s customers in Germany, Poland and Netherlands will get access to Netflix content under the agreement. This latest deal follows a string of similar partnershipsthat Netflix has entered into globally, including one with Altice for access to their subscribers in France, Portugal, Israel and the Dominican Republic. Earlier this year, Netflix alsoentered into a carrier billing partnership with Vodafone in India.
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MoviePass launches one-year subscription plan

MoviePass, the popular subscription movie ticketing service, has launched a plan equivalent to $6.95 per month, billed annually. The total annual cost is $89.95 along with a $6.55 processing fee. The subscription company has dropped its prices for the second time in the past few months, after the last attempt resulted in a huge bump in subscriptions. The new offer will be available to subscribers only for a limited time. It is worth noting the movie industry hasn’t taken too kindly to the service, deeming its business model as unsustainable. It is still not clear how MoviePass will become profitable with its current subscription billing plans. 
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Trump’s FCC plans to ditch existing net neutrality rules next month

After months of dilly-dallying, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seems to have finally made up its mind about repealing the existing net neutrality rules. The FCC will vote on the repeal on December 14, and it is widely anticipated that the bill will be passed quite easily. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cheered the move as they have long called for repeal of existing provisions, arguing that the Obama-era rules stifle innovation, deter new investments and is an over-reach of government control. However, the proposed net neutrality vote has seen a huge backlash from public interest groups and internet giants. Will the net neutrality rules bite the dust next month?
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