Netflix is winning the battle for screen time

Netflix is winning the battle for screen time In this week’s subscription roundup, we feature the growing dominance of Netflix over other OTT players such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube. We also cover The Wall Street Journal’s discussions of a subscription deal with Facebook. Lastly, we feature a Cerillion blog about the challenges that exist within the media industries and the solutions needed to tackle them. So, read on…

Netflix dominates streaming services in the US

A latest comScore report has revealed that the average subscriber uses Netflix’s streaming services more than YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video combined. According to the numbers, Netflix accounts for 40 percent of viewing time followed by YouTube (18 percent), Hulu (14 percent) and Amazon (7 percent). Netflix also has the most monthly viewing days per household with an average of 12.3 days. The report also found that these OTT viewers are using the streaming services in the same TV watching peak window, 8-11 pm, so it looks like these subscription streaming services are slowly making traditional broadcast TV obsolete!

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The Wall Street Journal and Facebook working on a subscription deal

Recently, we had written about Facebook’s plans to roll out a paid news subscription feature. It seems that The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has already come on board and is planning a deal with Facebook to make the most of their content. Subscriptions offer media and publishing businesses an extra revenue stream at a time when they are already grappling with dwindling ad revenues.

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What’s going to power the media businesses of the future?

Declining sales, low advertising revenues, changing consumer preferences and digital competitors are all posing huge challenges in front of the traditional media and entertainment businesses. In order to overcome these challenges, these companies have to embrace digital transformation, develop a customer-first mindset and explore newer monetisation strategies. If ads ruled the roost in the previous era, subscriptions seem to be the way ahead for the media companies. But to fully harness the power of subscriptions, it is extremely important to enable a smooth billing and subscription management experience.

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