Nintendo to launch subscription service for classic games in 2018

Nintendo to launch subscription service for classic games in 2018 In this week's subscription weekly roundup, we feature another gaming company that has joined the subscription bandwagon. Nintendo’s announcement comes close on the heels of Microsoft Xbox’s foray into the subscription space. Will the subscription model change the gaming industry forever? Read this story and our other top headlines this week: 

Nintendo to launch online subscription service for its Switch console

For Nintendo fans who have long wanted access to the gaming company’s wide array of classic games, the wait is finally over. The company is all set to launch a gaming subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online, starting in 2018. Subscribers will have to pay $20 per year to access the service. The games will be available on Nintendo Switch, a new portable handheld and home gaming console.
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What does GDPR mean for subscription businesses?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into force May 2018 onwards presents significant challenges to subscription businesses which deal with a large volume of user data. GDPR is applicable to all subscription businesses that operate in the European Union or have users in the region. With the regulation deadline less than a year away, these businesses should start preparing for GDPR compliance or risk paying heavy non-compliance penalties.
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Food subscription startup MealPal launches in Australia

MealPal, a US-based food subscription startup, has just launched in Australia. The company offers a monthly service which provides subscribers with one dish per day from a nearby restaurant, at a discounted rate. The startup has already tied up with many restaurants in Sydney where subscribers can get a meal for less than $8. MealPal will expand its service to other Australian cities, with Melbourne being the next in line.   
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