Smart Home Subscriptions anyone?

Smart Home Subscriptions anyone? Subscription models continue to gain popularity among businesses as well as consumers. This week we feature an IoT subscription service, a unique race subscription offering and a study which showcases the increasing willingness of customers to pay for streaming services.

Hive launches a smart home subscription service in the US

One popular use case for the Internet of Things is its ability to power your home with smart devices. But ever thought about the expense when it comes to installing smart gadgets like thermostats, lights, and doorbells? Hive, which has been running a smart home service in the UK since 2015, has just entered the US market with its 'smart subscription' service to simplify this process. Called the Hive Welcome Home, the smart home subscription service allows customers to choose between three plans – Starter, Regular and Premium. All plans include a central Hive Hub, that can connect to an Active Plug, two door or window sensors, two smart lights and an app to control all of them. Customers can subscribe to the starter plan for $9.99 per month. Of course, the other plans allow you to deploy more smart home products at a slightly higher price.
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Here's your subscription pass to the next race

The running industry has long been in need of digital transformation. Racepass, a unique annual subscription service for runners, aims to do just that by helping its subscribers discover new races, manage entries and run their way to the finish line. Racepass subscribers have the option of choosing over 5,000 races across the globe. The starting price for this race subscription service is $195 per year.
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Free trials do help convert OTT users to paid subscriptions, finds study

For media and publishing businesses who are sceptical about offering free trials, a new study will change their mind. According to the latest research, 32% of free trials for OTT services end up in a paid subscription. This is no doubt good news for streaming players such as Hulu and YouTube who recently launched their subscription services. The study also found that the average monthly spend on subscriptions to streaming services has reached $7.95 in the US. Most of these households subscribe to at least one of Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.
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