Will the BBC move to a subscription model?

Will the BBC move to a subscription model? The subscription juggernaut continues to roll on this week. Businesses worldwide, conventional and modern, are all aiming to enhance their revenues with subscription models. Here are the weekly top stories from the subscription world:

Subscription model to power BBC in the future?

In the build up to the UK’s general election, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has reopened the debate about the BBC’s funding by pledging that it would scrap the licence fee and move towards subscriptions and advertising models. Patrick O’Flynn, the party spokesperson, said that the current £147 fee for accessing the BBC should be eventually replaced with a subscription model along with advertising opportunities. UKIP has taken a cue from the business models of successful media streaming businesses such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which have made subscription billing the norm.
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Xbox CEO wants a subscription model for games

With technological advancements in the hardware and networking space on the rise, Xbox is facing new challenges every day. Powerful hardware is forcing developers to release high quality content regularly, which makes it difficult to sustain development and infrastructure costs. To solve this problem, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has suggested a subscription model akin to Netflix. This model will allow developers to release games in an episodic manner and receive compensation before every release.
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Recurring Revenue Opportunities for IoT products

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the potential to truly disrupt businesses and paves the way for newer monetisation and value delivery opportunities. While IoT 'products' have caught the attention of people everywhere, many vendors are now offering IoT as a Service (IoTaaS). For instance, sensor-based systems can be sold under both hardware and software product categories. They can also be sold as services with recurring revenue. Furthermore, some key features can also be offered as add-on subscriptions, once the initial product sale has been made.
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Is your business primed for subscription income?

These days almost any product or a service can be offered as a subscription. Food, beverage, and even fashion businesses, among others, have benefited from a massive influx of subscription revenues. All of them have tapped into the predictability and robustness of a business model that can snowball into huge earnings over time. One of the prime reasons for the increasing adoption of subscription models is the enabling power of the internet. Three key factors allow this: low cost activation, promotion and direct payment capabilities.
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