Apple to launch new magazine subscription service

Apple to launch new magazine subscription service Apple users will have an option to subscribe to a news subscription service very soon. The California-based tech giant has revealed that it plans to leverage its recent acquisition of ‘Texture’ to roll out a new subscription platform through Apple News. This is huge news coming from the Apple stables and is the cover story of our subscription roundup this week. In other big news, Amazon has revealed the number of Prime subscribers for the first time, and finally we look at Spotify which is leading the music streaming charts in Europe.

News subscription coming to your iPhone soon

Following its recent acquisition of Texture, Apple has decided to use the platform to launch a new magazine subscription service by 2019. Publishers who participate in the service will be given an undisclosed slice of the subscription revenue. It is noteworthy that Texture gave users access to more than 200 magazines for a monthly recurring fee of $9.99.

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It’s official – Amazon Prime has more than 100 million subscribers

Amazon is known to be strongly guarded about its numbers. But, for the first time, Jeff Bezos revealed that Amazon Prime has more than 100 million subscribers around the globe. This was revealed in a letter to Amazon shareholders earlier this week. In December last year, analysts had estimated that Amazon Prime may have close to 88 million subscribers. The actual number, it turns out, is much higher than the estimates.

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Spotify leads the music streaming race in Europe

According to a new study, almost 64% of internet users worldwide have access to a music streaming service. However, the market leaders vary greatly from continent to continent. Spotify, which went public recently, is the market leader in music streaming in Europe and Latin America. In North America, however, Pandora takes the lead over Spotify.

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