Spotify makes its stock market debut

Spotify makes its stock market debut The subscription industry is on fire at the moment with a lot of interesting developments. Our top story in this week’s subscription roundup is music streaming company Spotify’s public debut. In what was perhaps the most closely watched IPO of the year, Spotify’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange has generated a lot of mainstream interest. Moving on, ESPN has announced the launch date of its streaming service as April 12th. Can it carve a niche for itself in the crowded subscription video market? Next, we look at the expansion of Lyft’s ride-hailing subscription service. Lastly, we examine an important digital media portability regulation in the EU which will benefit subscribers of paid content services.

Spotify becomes the world’s most valuable music company

A successful listing at the NYSE has propelled Spotify’s worth to around $25 billion, making it the most valuable music company in the world. Last year, we wrote about Spotify’s plans for an IPO. Despite some stiff competition from giants such as Google Play Music, Apple Play Music and now Amazon Prime Music, the decade old company has managed to hold its own in the music streaming space. Spotify follows an interesting ‘algotorial’ approach – a combination of editorial vetting and proprietary machine learning algorithms – to select their playlist content. Can Spotify open a new chapter of growth with this public listing?

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ESPN’s new streaming service to launch on April 12th

After announcing its plans to launch a subscription service earlier this year, Disney has finally set a launch date for its ESPN+ streaming video offering. ESPN+, the news subscription service from ESPN, will launch on April 12th, and for $4.99 per month it will give fans access to live sporting events, original content and on-demand programming.

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Lyft expands its ride-sharing subscription service to dozens of US cities

Popular ride-sharing app Lyft is now testing its new subscription service in more than two dozen cities in the US. As competition with arch rival Uber heats up, Lyft is doing its best to retain customers within its platform. In fact, Lyft President, John Zimmer, has even said that subscriptions are the future of this business. Uber is also said to be working on a subscription offering.

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New digital media portability rules to benefit subscribers in the EU

The EU’s long-awaited regulation around the portability of paid content services has finally taken effect from April 1st, 2018. The regulation mandates that paid content providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video must offer cross-border portability to their customers. Subscribers will enjoy the same benefits and experience while travelling from one EU member state to another one on a temporary basis. The key point to note is that is the rule is applicable only to paid content providers and is just an optional requirement for free service providers.

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