YouTube Remix to replace Google Play Music?

YouTube Remix to replace Google Play Music? Earlier this year, there were reports that YouTube was all set to launch a music subscription service. New details have now emerged which reveal that the new service, YouTube Remix, will replace Google’s existing music streaming service, Google Play Music. Also in our subscription roundup, we look at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s recent comments about paid subscriptions. Lastly, we turn the focus on another music streaming giant, Spotify, which is all set to make some changes to its free tier subscription service. 

Music’s new home on Google – YouTube Remix

Last December, we reported that YouTube was planning its own music subscription streaming service. According to the latest developments, Google is planning to shut its incumbent music streaming service – Google Play Music – and integrate its elements within YouTube Remix. The new music streaming service will be able to combine Google Play Music’s context server with YouTube’s huge catalogue. It will be interesting to see whether Google can pull off this transition smoothly. While Google Play Music is not as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, it is still loved by its fans.

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Facebook has thought about paid subscriptions, says COO Sheryl Sandberg

After Mark Zuckerberg’s recent admission about Facebook considering paid subscriptions, COO Sheryl Sandberg has echoed his sentiments. Sandberg revealed this during an earnings call where she said that Facebook has thought about lots of forms of monetisation including subscriptions. For Facebook’s top executives to mention this publicly, it appears they may be testing the waters to see whether a paid Facebook experience might be worth trying?

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Spotify continues to improve its free tier subscription service

Music subscription streaming service Spotify has revealed that it is bringing in new features to its free subscription tier. According to reports, it has 90 million users on the free tier of its app, and the company, which went public earlier this month, is hoping that these improvements will help them drive up subscription rates. Spotify is working on ‘assisted playlisting’, which uses machine learning to make music recommendations based on previous searches and user-generated playlists.

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