Netflix now makes up 30% of global video streaming subscriptions

Netflix now makes up 30% of global video streaming subscriptions Netflix is the dominant force in the SVOD space, and its latest earnings report only underlines this fact, revealing that the subscription giant now makes up close to 30% of all video streaming subscriptions across the globe. In other news, Apple is continuing to step up its subscription game as it has improved the features on its App Store. Hulu has bought back its stake from AT&T which should benefit its majority owner Disney. In addition, Roku has added five more premium subscriptions to the Roku Channel. And lastly, we look at Walmart’s new subscription clothing service for kids.

Netflix owns nearly one-third of global streaming subscriptions
In its latest earnings report, SVOD giant Netflix has revealed that it has 148 million paying subscribers across the globe, up 26% from the same quarter last year. Along with free trials, the company has 155 million users, representing approx. 30% of a market of more than 500 million subscribers around the world. Netflix has also stated that it will start revealing more granular data about its viewership soon.
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Apple adds extra features to prevent scams and accidental subscription purchases
With Apple jumping full-time into subscriptions, it is now making sure that the subscription experience across its ecosystem is optimised for its customers. The company has added an additional pop-up screen for users to confirm recurring app subscriptions. The additional confirmation step is part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to make subscriptions transparent and weed out sneaky subscription tactics.
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Hulu buys back AT&T’s 9.5% stake
Video streaming giant Hulu has bought back the AT&T stake in its company for a reported $1.43 billion. AT&T had held a 9.5% share in Hulu, which puts its overall valuation at $15 billion. The move should benefit Disney, which owns a majority stake in Hulu. Incidentally, Disney launched its own streaming service Disney+ recently.
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Roku adds five new premium subscriptions to its channel
Roku has expanded its premium line-up with five new subscriptions added to the Roku Channel. This takes the total to more than 30 premium subscriptions including the likes of HBO, Showtime, Starz and many more. Roku launched its Amazon Channels competitor in January this year.
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Walmart launches subscription clothing box service for kids
Retail giant Walmart has launched a new clothing service for kids. It has teamed up with KIDBOX to deliver this curated box of clothes which will include 4-5 items at 40-50% off retail price and can be ordered on demand up to six times in one year. The style box will include a variety of items such as sweaters, t-shirts and denims.
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