Netflix turns to print to promote its shows

Netflix turns to print to promote its shows What’s the next best thing to do when you are not watching Netflix? Read about it, of course! SVOD giant Netflix has just launched a new print magazine in order to promote its content. However, this magazine won’t be available on a newsstand. Instead, it will be distributed to people at various events. In other news, YouTube is taking a leaf out of the Netflix book and planning its own interactive content. Its parent company Google has also raised the prices of YouTube TV, its TV streaming service. In other news, Microsoft is combining Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live into a $14.99 subscription plan. And finally, we look at how Sanofi is changing the pharma game with its subscription plan.

Netflix to publish magazine in a bid to chase Hollywood awards

In what might seem a little old school for Netflix, the company has launched a new print magazine which will promote its programs ahead of this year’s Emmy Awards. The Netflix magazine, with the working title ‘Wide’, won’t be available on newsstands but will be made available to people attending various events. Netflix is also getting into radio with a comedy channel on SiriusXM. In addition, the company is in talks to buy a movie theatre of its own.
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YouTube to create Bandersnatch-style interactive content

Netflix showed the world the power of interactive content on a streaming platform through its successful show Bandersnatch, as we highlighted here. Now its rival YouTube is working on its own interactive show on the platform, although there is no set timeline for release yet. Currently, the platform has been focusing on live TV and reality content.
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Google increases prices of YouTube TV

Google has increased the price of its YouTube TV streaming service. The plan will now cost $49.99 per month compared with $39.99 earlier. The price hike is applicable to all new customers whereas older customers will see the change in their next billing cycle after May 13th. Analysts reckon that the new price is too expensive considering its offerings.
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Microsoft to combines Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live in a new plan

Technology giant Microsoft is combining its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live platforms into one subscription plan that costs $14.99 per month. This new plan will be called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and it will likely be unveiled later this month. The combination of these two subscription plans means that Xbox owners can save around $5 per month.
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Sanofi turns to subscriptions for its insulin products

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi is adopting a ‘Netflix-style’ approach to prescription drugs. The company has just launched a new subscription model that will give diabetes patients access to its insulin products for a monthly recurring rate of $99. Called the Insulin Valyou Savings Program, it will be about one-tenth the cost of what patients would have spent on medicines previously. Subscriptions in healthcare are a great opportunity for forward thinking pharmaceutical businesses.
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