Spotify developing new features to improve user experience

Spotify developing new features to improve user experience Spotify is back with the top honours in this week’s subscription roundup. The company is reportedly working on several new features to strengthen its position as the music streaming platform of choice.We then feature an industry report which shows the increasing presence of paid subscriptions in global music revenue.In addition, SVOD giant Netflix’s fee hikesare all set to take effect for its US subscribers in May 2019. In other subscription news, PUBG has finally launched its subscription plans whereas local Indian audio streaming services Gaana and JioSaavn have slashed prices by 70% to take on Spotify and YouTube Music which have just entered the country. Finally, we take an in-depth look at how FAANG companies are increasingly embracing the subscription model.

Spotify is testing Sleep Timer, Scan Codes and Maps Integration

Spotify continues to make improvements to its technology to stay ahead of its competitors. The music streaming giant is reportedly working on a sleep timer which will allow users to play music while going to sleep – the app will then close itself after a specific amount of time. The other features include integration with Google Maps (which we covered in this subscription roundup) and a scannable barcode which will allow users to share music. Spotify also recently acquired two companies to shore up its non-music content.
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Music subscriptions account for 37% of global music revenue

Audiophiles across the globe are increasingly consuming their music through streaming services. According to a new report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), music streaming revenue grew 34% year-on-year to $9 billion. Paid music subscriptions accounted for 37% of global revenue in 2018.
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Netflix’s new prices will take effect from May 2019

Earlier this year, video streaming giant Netflix hiked the subscription prices for its subscribers in the US. The new rates will take effect from the May 2019 billing cycle onwards, when the price of Netflix’s standard plan will become dearer by $2 per month, going from $10.99 to $12.99.
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PUBG adds Prime and Prime Plus subscription plans for Android and iOS

Popular mobile game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has launched its PUBG Prime and Prime Plus subscription plans for Android and iOS. These subscription plans will give users a daily dose of Unknown Cash (UC), discounts and in-game purchases with Battle Points (BP). The basic tier is priced at $0.99 whereas the Prime Plus tier is priced at $9.99, available for $4.99 currently.
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Local Indian music streaming services slash prices by 70% to combat global players

As global music streaming giants Spotify and YouTube Music make their presence felt in India, local players are adjusting their game to compete with them. Local streaming businesses Gaana and JioSaavn have slashed prices by 70% for their annual plans. The annual plan for Gaana now costs Rs 298 ($4.32), compared with Rs 1098 ($15.91) before. JioSaavn costs Rs 299 ($4.33) per year, down from Rs 999 ($14.48)previously.
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FAANG companies sinking their teeth into subscriptions

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (FAANG) have all been increasingly looking at subscriptions to fuel their growth. Apple has been the latest entrant with a slew of new subscription services, whereas Netflix and Amazon have been the flagbearers of the subscription model. Google and Facebook have also been testing subscriptions with new initiatives.
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