Is Apple secretly pushing the subscription model towards app developers?

Is Apple secretly pushing the subscription model towards app developers? ​In this week’s subscription roundup, we again look at Apple’s newfound love for the subscription model after a new report revealed that the company met app developers secretly last year to push for recurring revenue opportunities. Is this going to be Apple’s core strategy going ahead? In other news, we look at an analyst report about Spotify’s user growth. Lastly, we look at Disney’s big push for its video subscription service dubbed ‘Disneyflix.’

Apple betting big on the subscription model?

Recently, Apple made headlines when it became the first trillion dollar company. A big reason for this success can be attributed to subscriptions, which along with its other services, netted $9.5 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone. Now, a report has revealed that Apple met prominent app developers last year in a bid to encourage them to scout for recurring revenue opportunities whenever possible. The initiative, introduced to the developers by Apple, is reportedly called ‘Subscription 2.0’ and Apple would obviously benefit by getting a share of the subscription revenue. The Cupertino-based company is also getting ready to launch a subscription bundle containing music, tv and news.
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Spotify will trump Pandora in the US, forecast reveals

A study by eMarketer has revealed that Spotify is all set to capture a higher share of users, compared with arch rival Pandora. While Pandora is currently the most popular music streaming service in the US, the report predicts that the company’s user base will decline slightly in the forecast period 2017-2022. Meanwhile, Spotify has been trying out a number of new partnerships, including one with Samsung, in order to compete with common rival Apple. Apple Music recently overtook Spotify in the US. Incidentally, Spotify also went public earlier this year. 
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Disney optimistic about its new subscription streaming service

Media giant Disney chose to focus on its upcoming subscription streaming service instead of its numbers in the recently released quarterly earnings report. Dubbed ‘Disneyflix’ by analysts, the new OTT service is due for launch in 2019. While Disney has a vast content library at its disposal, can the company make it big enough to give Netflix and Amazon Prime Video a run for their ‘subscription’ money?
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