The New York Times subscription revenues up by 20%

The New York Times subscription revenues up by 20% In this week’s subscription roundup, the focus is on the earnings report from The New York Times. The company has managed to garner more subscribers, even as its advertising revenues have taken a hit. Is this increasingly the trend for most media businesses? Next, we explore Spotify’s new feature which allows you to listen and share Spotify from Skype, as well as looking at DoorDash’s new subscription service. Lastly, we examine the problem of subscription fatigue and look at ways businesses can counter it.

The New York Times adds 109,000 subscribers in the second quarter

Subscriptions seem to be cushioning the drop in advertising revenues for The New York Times. While ad revenues have declined by 10% for the media powerhouse, subscription revenues have risen by 20% in the second quarter of 2018.  The company now has 2.9 million digital-only subscribers, adding 109,000 subscribers in the last quarter. Earlier this year, The New York Times made headlines for crossing $1 billion in subscription revenue in 2017.
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Spotify now available on Skype

A big reason for the success of companies like Spotify and Netflix is their technological prowess. While Netflix made headlines last year for in-flight streaming technology, Spotify is about to release an interesting feature where subscribers will be able to access the music streaming app on Skype. Interestingly, Skype is already available within Apple’s iMessage and Facebook Messenger.
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DoorDash launches subscription service

On-demand delivery company, DoorDash, has launched a subscription service for restaurant deliveries in California, Texas and the Midwest. The new DashPass subscription service will enable subscribers to get free deliveries (for orders above $15) from participating restaurants for $9.99 per month. DashPass will help customers save on the delivery fees which may range anywhere between $2.99 to $5.99 per order.
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How can businesses tackle subscription fatigue?

With multiple subscription businesses vying for a share of the customer’s wallet, subscription fatigue is becoming a serious problem. US-based subscribers are spending around $237 per month on average for subscription services. So, how can businesses counter subscription fatigue in an increasingly overcrowded market?

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