Apple’s magazine subscription service likely to launch in early 2019

Apple’s magazine subscription service likely to launch in early 2019 Apple is all set to leverage its acquisition of Texture, a news subscription app it acquired earlier this year. So how will the industry react to this move? In other news this week, social media giant Facebook is surging ahead with its subscription ambitions by expanding it to more publishers. Also, Netflix is testing a new feature on its platform, much to the dismay of its subscribers. Lastly, we look at how Walmart wants to battle Amazon with its $16 billion Indian acquisition, Flipkart.

Apple all set to relaunch Texture through a new subscription service
Tech giant Apple wants to start a new magazine subscription service by leveraging its acquisition of Texture earlier this year. Apple has been in discussions with prominent publications such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for this new service, however the publishers are concerned that Apple’s pricing model may undercut their own subscription programs. Texture currently offers access to 200 magazines at $9.99 per month.
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Facebook brings more publishers under its pilot subscription program
Just like Apple, social media giant Facebook also wants publishers to use its platform for signing up new subscribers. After conducting some initial tests last year, Facebook is now adding 28 more publishers to the initiative and bringing more updates to its subscription tools, including cutting down the implementation time from 4-8 weeks to 1-2 weeks. In addition, Facebook also wants to integrate its Instant Articles paywall with third party publishers.
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Netflix’s instant replay feature irks subscribers
Netflix is known for testing new features to improve the subscription experience for its end users. The SVOD service is currently testing an instant replay feature that allows subscribers to rewind to the start of a scene through pop-ups. However, viewers who have seen the instant replay trial aren’t particularly impressed and find the pop-ups extremely distracting in-between shows. Netflix has said that it is only testing this feature and may not even implement it in the future. Notably, Netflix also recently introduced some big changes such as ads between shows and elimination of user reviews.
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Walmart’s $16 billion bet to take on Amazon
Retail behemoth Walmart wants to leverage its recent acquisition of Flipkart to gain the ascendancy in its battle with Amazon. While Walmart’s investors have expressed concerns about Flipkart’s ability to take on Amazon and its profit figures, the company has increased its stake in the Indian e-commerce giant from 77% to 81.3%, indicating its confidence in this new acquisition.
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