Netflix testing more subscription plans in India

Netflix testing more subscription plans in India Netflix continues to lead the subscription roundup this week as the SVOD giant is testing newer subscription plans in India. The country seems to have become a strategic testing ground for Netflix as it aims to establish its presence in the emerging markets. Next, we look at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which has added a free tier to its subscription service to attract more viewers. We then turn our attention to Amazon which has launched Audible Suno – an exclusive app for Indian users. The clean-up in the subscription industry continues with magazine subscription scammers being asked to pay more than $16 million in compensation and fines in the US. And finally, we look at Israeli startup Xs:code’s new subscription service to monetise open source projects.

Netflix to offer cheaper yearly subscription plans for Indian users

SVOD giant Netflix is testing discounted subscription plans in India to attract more users in a fiercely competitive market. Subscribers can now choose from 3, 6 and 12-month plans with discounts of 20%, 30% and 50% respectively. Earlier this year, Netflix launched a mobile-only subscription plan in India that costs just ₹199 ($3) per month. It is interesting to see Netflix adopt different pricing strategies for its different markets, and it should serve as an important lesson for other global subscription businesses.

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WWE launches free subscription tier

The popular wrestling network WWE has added a new free tier to its existing subscription plan to attract more viewers to its streaming service.The free version grants users access to short-form wrestling videos in a bid to entice fans to sign up for the premium version of the service. WWE has close to 1.51 million paid subscribers as of the quarter ending in October 2019. The subscription plan costs $9.99 per month.

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Amazon launches Audible Suno in India

Tech giant Amazon has introduced a new service in India called Audible Suno that will give listeners access to free audio content. Audible Suno is available on a dedicated Android app and through the iOS Audible app. Interestingly, the free platform is also free of advertisements. The company launched its Audible service in India last year and Amazon has a strong focus on India with its Amazon Prime service now present in 97% of the pin codes in the country.

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Magazine subscription scammers asked to pay over $16 million in the US

A group of companies has been asked to pay more than $16 million in compensation and fines for perpetrating a magazine subscription scam. Orbital Publishing Group, along with a few other companies, were sued by the New York Attorney General’s office for deceptive ads claiming to offer the cheapest prices to publications such as The Economist, The New York Times, National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal. However, the group charged double what the publications offered and didn’t specify the duration of the subscriptions, charging customers before renewals. Deceptive and unfair subscription tactics have plagued the subscription industry in recent times and it is good that regulators are cleaning up the space.

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Xs:code  launches subscription platform

Israeli startup Xs:code has launched a new platform to monetise open source projects. Typically, open-source works on the basis of donations, but Xs:code wants to offer flexibility to developers by offering them a platform to monetise their work. The subscription platform is available in beta and users can sign up for free.

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