Amazon plans six more checkout-free Amazon Go stores

Amazon plans six more checkout-free Amazon Go stores In this week’s subscription roundup, we look at Amazon’s continued quest for innovation in the retail space as the company plans to launch its Amazon Go stores at six places in the US. We then turn our attention to search engine giant, Google, which is trying to woo publishers with its new-found love for subscriptions. Our final feature looks into the price increase of the innovative Viveport Virtual Reality (VR) subscription service. 

New Amazon Go stores to open in the US

Last year, Amazon gained a lot attention for its acquisition of Whole Foods. In our analysis, we mentioned that Amazon could leverage its cashier-less Amazon Go stores to make the most of its acquisition, and it looks like Jeff Bezos has big plans for his futuristic store concept in 2018. According to reports, Amazon is all set to launch six more Amazon Go storefronts in the US this year, as they aim to raise the bar for brick-and-mortar shopping and offer more value to customers. It will also be interesting to see how the company ties in its Amazon Prime subscription service with Amazon Go.

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Google turns its focus on subscriptions to appease publishers

After ending its first-click-free policy last year, tech giant Google is taking more steps to ensure that publishers can gain more reader revenue. At an event held in Amsterdam last week, Google confirmed that it is working on new ways to make it easier for readers to subscribe to a publication. Both Google and Facebook are now taking a publisher-friendly approach and understanding the importance of subscriptions for publishers.

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Viveport VR subscription service to become more expensive

Last April, HTC launched the Viveport subscription service that offered 5 VR apps for $6.99 per month. However, subscribers will now have to shell out more to access Viveport as the company announced that its subscription plan will cost $8.99 from the 22nd March onwards. However, existing customers and people who subscribe to Viveport before then can get locked in at the current price, until the end of the year.

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