Five things we are looking forward to at #MWC19

Five things we are looking forward to at #MWC19
Most of the excitement at MWC Barcelona is usually around the hottest new tech gadgets of the year. However, it is also a great place for telcos to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and explore new markets with the latest cutting-edge BSS/OSS solutions. So, what are the five things we are looking forward to at #MWC19? Dominic Smith picks out some key themes and previews the demos and solutions we will be showcasing at Hall 7, Stand 7B61.

MWC Barcelona has just kicked off and the bevy of announcements from smartphone companies prior to the event has only added to the excitement. We are delightedto be back again at the telecom industry’s flagship event which gives us an opportunity to connect with our customers, partners and other like-minded businesses. This year’s theme – Intelligent Connectivity – resonates closely with the products and solutions we offer at Cerillion and this will likely be the guiding principle for the future of the telecoms industry.
So, here are the five things we are looking forward to at MWC 2019:
Evolution of 5G– While 5G was also a dominant theme at MWC 2018, the technology really underpins the ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ theme this time around. Last year, much of the focus was on the ‘first’ 5G products and solutions, howeverwe expect MWC 2019 to be more about taking last year’s groundwork to the next level as businesses strive to work out how to capture the full value that 5G offers. A lot of the European operators we spoke to last year weren’t ready with solid plans for their 5G rollouts. We expect it to change this year as more global operators look at ways to leverage 5G for shaping the customer experience and personalising charging capabilities.
IoT Monetisation – Let’s face it, it is not straight forward to wade through the complexities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and build a sustainable business at the same time. IoT is very much here and has been for a number of years now, however it still needs that killer application to show how the technology can be monetised effectively. One of the critical pieces with IoT monetisation is a billing platform that can support innovative pricing models and flexible contract commitments to help businesses move up the IoT value chain. Speak to us now to find out how our robust billing solutions can support your IoT billing requirements.
Agile Digital Transformation – CSPs have been stressing about the need for digital transformation for several years, but as we have pointed out before, they have been extremely slow to change legacy systems and processes, and to properly engage with their customers. Despite a lot of their core business being cannibalised by more nimble digital upstarts, traditional systems and culture have fostered an inertia within telcos. So, how can CSPs move quickly to becoming digital operators? Visit our stand at MWC to discover how to transition to a digital-first business through mobile apps, self-service and a platform-based strategy.
Shift to Immersive Content – The onset of subscription OTT services has already changed the way customers consume content. However, with the growth in augmented reality, virtual reality and other forms of immersive content, telcos have an opportunity to deliver value amidst the changing dynamics between consumption growth and network capacity, and the new revenue models emerging out of it. It also gives the chance to recapture some of the value that has beenlost in the OTT revolution. The explosion of immersive content offerings also means that businesses have to be ready and able to monetise it effectively.
Customer Experience Redefined – Technologies may come and go, but the one thing that most successful businesses do well is to deliver the best experiences to their customers. However, customer experience needs to be redefined for the new digitalage.  At MWC 2019, two of the underlying themes are Digital Wellness and Digital Trust which just goes to show the importance of keeping the interests of consumers at the forefront. In the age of digital distractions, companies which can create good customer experiences will be the winners. The experience economy is here, and businesses need to think how they can give customers more control and build trust, which will lead to higher and more sustainable revenue in the long run.
Book an appointment now to speak with one of our consultants at MWC Barcelona or drop by at Hall 7, Stand 7B61 at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you.