Go with the (payment) flow

Go with the (payment) flow
Cerillion Skyline plays a key role in streamlining the all-important payment process for subscription services, securing payment details and delivering a seamless customer experience for both ad-hoc and recurring payments; our infographic breaks down the cycle step-by-step.

An efficient and secure payment process is crucial to both your business and your customers. A straightforward, seamless billing and payment experience may well be the difference between a customer successfully signing up to your service and abandoning their transaction altogether.

Thanks to Cerillion Skyline, the payment flow is one less thing for you to worry about.

Skyline is our public cloud subscription management platform, providing a bridge over the troubled waters of recurring billing by automating all payment and renewal processes, including credit / debit card processing, PayPal and direct debit payment methods. From when the customer enters their details until their payment is approved, Skyline presides over and conducts the transaction, ensuring that charges and amounts are correct, but without handling any money itself.

For card payments, Skyline kicks into action at the point of first purchase, securely storing the card details in a PCI DSS compliant vault where a “token” is generated to allow payments to be processed without risk of fraud or sensitive data loss. The payment details are then forwarded to the Payment Gateway for authorisation. Thanks to Skyline’s automated recurring billing process, these tokens can be used to take regular payments from customers, without the need to recapture their card details.
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By streamlining and securing the payment lifecycle without compromising business needs or the customer experience, Skyline saves users, on average, at least 33% in operational costs, and four days per month in the cash collection cycle.