BMW and Mercedes-Benz to offer cars on subscription?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz to offer cars on subscription? The automobile industry seems pretty gung-ho about the potential for subscription-based models in their sector. It seems that Mercedes-Benz and BMW now want to jump on to the subscription bandwagon, and this is our main feature in this week’s subscription roundup. In other news, we look at a new subscription music platform called We also examine how popular video streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are used by their subscribers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz to launch pilot subscription programs this year

After losing the first mover advantage to rivals Porsche and Volvo, it seems that leading car makers Mercedes-Benz and BMW are finally ready to embrace automotive subscription models. Both the companies are likely to launch pilot subscription programs this year, which will include maintenance and insurance costs in addition to car payments. The subscription model, which isgaining popularity in the automobile industry, offers a simplified way to own cars and flexibility to upgrade to newer models faster than a traditional finance plan.

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Native Instruments launches new music sample subscription platform

Music company Native Instruments has launched a new subscription platform for audiophiles called The service will allow subscribers to access, download and build libraries of music samples and sound packs for both personal and professional use. is similar to another subscription-based music sample platform called Splice Sounds.

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Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video serve very different purposes to subscribers

While popular subscription streaming platforms Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video may be battling it out to win screen time, it turns out that these services are perceived and used very differently by their subscribers. According to a new report, Netflix is used most often to watch original series, Amazon Prime Video to watch movies and Hulu to access TV shows from other networks. Netflix has been investing a lot of money towards its original content, and the results are visible as 37% of Netflix subscribers prefer watching original shows.

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