Is Amazon buying Target next?

Is Amazon buying Target next? Happy New Year to all the readers of our subscription roundup! Our first edition of 2018 opens with some interesting news about Amazon’s next big acquisition. It is predicted that Amazon has its sights set on Target, the second largest discount store retailer in the US. Our second story captures Netflix’s global dominance as the video subscription streaming service of choice. Our third story explores ways that the subscription revolution will strengthen cybersecurity. 

Is Amazon targeting ‘Target’?
While Amazon shook the retail industry last year with its acquisition of Whole Foods, it seems that the e-commerce giant is not done yet. According to a leading technology analyst, Gene Munster, Amazon will buy Target, a popular discount retailer in the US. Munster is known for making accurate technology predictions and his Amazon prediction has been widely cited by the news media. However, there are other contradictory reports that say Amazon has no plans to buy Target. If the deal indeed goes through, Amazon will further close its offline gap with Walmart. It will be interesting to see how the Amazon vs Walmart battle turns out in 2018!
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Netflix continues its global dominance in subscription streaming services
Last year, we reported how Netflix is winning the battle for screen time. And the numbers suggest the same story repeating this year as well. Netflix shares shot up by 7% in the first two trading days of 2018, and this suggests that Wall Street investors are pretty bullish about its prospects. Despite competition from Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, and potentially even Disney, Netflix is still miles ahead in streaming thanks to the billions it has invested in its content and technology. According to a report by research analyst Tom Nollen, Netflix’s efforts towards original content, programming hours, quality of content, time spent and new partnerships will keep its subscribers loyal to the platform.
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How can subscriptions strengthen the cybersecurity landscape?
The global shift towards subscriptions will have a profound impact on Enterprise IT. Gartner has projected that by 2020, more than 80% of software vendors will move from traditional licences to a subscription-based business model. However, the positives of the subscription revolution are far beyond just the bottom line. Subscriptions are also great for bolstering cybersecurity, productivity and business efficiency. Technology offered on a subscription basis is always current, so businesses do not need to worry about end-of-life assets that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. A case in point was the WannaCry ransomware attack which successfully targeted institutions running unsupported older, unsupported versions of MS Windows.
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