Rivals Netflix and Amazon join hands
In this week’s subscription roundup, we have lots of stories lined up for you. Our main story features rivals Netflix and Amazon uniting against streaming platform DragonBox. Our second story highlights a Barclays report which says that Netflix is poised to become the second biggest media company in three years. We also look at how e-commerce giant Amazon is leveraging its acquisition of WholeFoods and how subscription movie ticketing service MoviePassis contemplating an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Our final feature turns the spotlight on Apple’s efforts to highlight subscription-based apps on the iOS App Store.

Netflix, Amazon team up against DragonBox

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, who fiercely compete for the top honours in subscription streaming services, have formed an alliance to take on new streaming platform DragonBox. The two powerhouses have joined other leading companies such as Disney, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Columbia and Paramount, to file a joint lawsuit against Dragon Media. The company offers a hardware device called DragonBox that can be used to accesspirated content.

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Can Netflix become the second biggest media company in the world?

Barclays has predicted that Netflix can leave leading media companies behind in terms of revenue, within the next 3-5 years. The firm, which is bullish on Netflix’s future growth, cites the positive analysis on Netflix’s impressive subscriber growth. Barclays also highlighted Netflix’s global footprint, pricing power, expanding content library, emphasis on local content and stickiness due to popular originals as key factors for continued growth.

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Whole Foods products available via Amazon’s Prime Now service

Amazon has expanded its Prime Now offerings to include faster deliveries on Whole Foods products. Prime Now is a two-hour delivery service offered to Amazon Prime subscribers, and it has been widely expected that Amazon would leverage its acquisition of Whole Foods to increase subscriptions and wallet share for its Prime subscription service.

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MoviePass eyeing an ICO?

It seems thatsubscription ticketing service MoviePass is following in the footsteps of Kodak andplanning to raise capital through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The New York-based startup is looking at issuing tokens for use within its ecosystem and also incorporating blockchain technology within its systems.

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Apple highlighting subscription apps on the App Store

Smartphone giant Apple has recently started highlighting popular subscription applications with free trials on the iOS App Store. While these subscription apps have offered free trials for a long time, Apple is now enticing users to sign up for these trials. This move appears to be designed to promote subscription applications within the Apple ecosystem.

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