Roku to launch subscription streaming service

Roku to launch subscription streaming service
Welcome to the first subscription roundup of 2019. The subscription juggernaut continues with hardware-device maker Roku planning to launch a SVOD service. Netflix is also looking to rake home more revenue in the new year as it has stopped offering subscriptions via iTunes. Amazon’s penchant for diversified services is well known but an analyst reckons that Jeff Bezos & co. should own gas stations as well! And lastly, MoviePass is back with three new subscription plans.

Roku wants to launch a subscription video streaming service

The subscription streaming marketplace just became more saturated. Roku, known more for its hardware devices, has announced plans to launch a subscription streaming service. Roku plans to offer premium channels through its new subscription service which include CBS Corp’s Showtime, Starz from Lionsgate and Noggin from Viacom Inc, among others. The service is expected to launch later this month.

Netflix stops offering subscriptions via iTunes

Netflix has stopped offering subscriptions through iTunes, in order to bypass the 30% transaction fee currently charged by Apple. Viewers will now have to subscribe to Netflix directly through their website or mobile app. However, this does not apply to existing iTunes subscribers unless their subscription lapses. This could potentially save the company a lot of money, the results of which should be seen in the quarterly reports this year. This will also put pressure on Apple to sustain its services business, even as it faces pressure from dwindling iPhone sales.
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Amazon should disrupt gas stations, says analyst

When it comes to Amazon, you cannot rule out anything. After targeting the healthcare market last year, an analyst predicts that Amazon should have a set its sights on gas stations. This report comes as Amazon is planning to expand its physical footprint by increasing the number of Whole Foods stores. The analyst report reckons that gas stations could boost Amazon’s delivery efforts, in addition to offering another source of revenue. Is Jeff Bezos and team listening?

MoviePass to launch three new subscription plans

MoviePass will offer three new subscription plans this year which will give subscribers movie tickets with varying levels of access. While the three tiers will limit three movies per month, the more expensive subscription plans will remove limitations allowing access to 3D and Imax movies. While the new plan does not match up to the $9.95 subscription plan, it does give the business a chance at survival.
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