Apple Music overtakes Spotify in the US

Apple Music overtakes Spotify in the US ‚ÄčStreaming wars continue to dominate the headlines this week as Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the number of US subscribers. Can Spotify continue holding fort globally? In other news, Netflix has built another great feature into its service re-affirming its positioning as a company which understands both media and technology. Lastly, we feature a Forbes report which talks about the key things brands should keep in mind before starting a subscription service.

Apple Music becomes the leading music subscription service in the US

The world of streaming music has become a yo-yo battle between pure-play music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, and multi-faceted companies such as Apple and Google. But in the US, Apple seems to be firmly in the lead as it has just overtaken Spotify in terms of the number of subscribers. Globally, the recently listed Spotify continues to dominate music streaming services.

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Netflix introduces new ‘Smart Downloads’ feature for its subscribers

We have always maintained that Netflix is as much a technology company, as it is a media company. Last year, Netflix built a feature to expand and improve in-flight streaming. Now, Netflix has introduced a new feature which will be extremely useful for subscribers, especially those who download shows for offline viewing. The new ‘Smart Downloads’ feature will automatically download episodes over Wi-Fi and replace each watched episode with the next one in the series. Currently, the feature is only available for Android users butit will be rolled out to iOS devices soon.

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What should brands consider when starting a subscription service?

Subscription services are on the rise with many users all over the world subscribed to market leaders such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify. Implementing a subscription-based service should open new opportunities and bring additional revenues to businesses. So, what should brands consider before embracing the subscription model? One of the key things is to reduce transactional friction for subscribers. A seamless payment experience can be achieved by working with robust subscription billing platforms.

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