Netflix planning a new ‘Ultra’ subscription pricing plan?

Netflix planning a new ‘Ultra’ subscription pricing plan? ​Netflix grabs the top headlines in this week’s subscription roundup as the company is testing out a new, pricier subscription plan. Will the value-additions under the new plan convince Netflix loyalists to further loosen their purse strings? Next, we look at popular ride-sharing platform Uber’s plans to launch an e-bike subscription service. We also explore the latest price increase from PlayStation Vue. Finally, we look at an interesting Californian regulation that might have a lesson or two for budding subscription businesses.

Netflix testing ‘Ultra’ subscription tier

Video streaming giant Netflix is testing out new ways to increase its recurring revenues. The company is planning a new ‘Ultra’ subscription pricing plan which will be more expensive than the company’s current $13.99 premium plan. The new ‘Ultra’ tier will allow four devices to receive ultra HD video streaming. The ‘Ultra’ plan may cannibalise some features currently offered under the ‘Premium’ option. There are reports that the new plan may cost €16.99 in Europe.

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Uber plans an e-bike subscription service

Uber’s e-bike unit, Jump, is reportedly preparing to launch a new e-bike subscription service. Called Jump+, the subscription service will give users access to an e-bike for $12 a week or $50 a month. Along with the bike, Jump+ will give subscribers access to the charger, maintenance and free replacement if the bike gets stolen. Uber’s move comes at a time when arch rival Lyft is catching up with a new ride-sharing subscription service and acquisition of North America’s largest bike-share operator Motivate.

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PlayStation Vue raising subscription prices by $5 per month

Live streaming TV service, PlayStation Vue, is all set to increase the prices on all its subscription packages. PlayStation follows Sling TV and DirecTV Now which have increased their subscription plans by $5 per month. After the price changes take effect, PlayStation Vue’s lowest tier, Access, will cost $45 instead of $40 per month. The prices of the other three tiers - Core, Elite and Ultra - will also increase by $5 each and will cost $50, $60 and $80 respectively.

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California tightens Auto Renewal Law

A Californian state law that came into effect 1st July onwards has mandated a more transparent approach towards subscription auto renewals. The amended Auto Renewal Law (ARL) requires businesses to give subscribers the ability to cancel auto renewals online. In addition, the bill also mandates companies to disclose if the price of a subscription changes at the time of renewal, owing to a trial or discounted offer. 

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