Australia’s New South Wales wants to bring subscriptions to public transport

Australia’s New South Wales wants to bring subscriptions to public transport It was only a matter of time before governments across the globe embraced the subscription model. Now, Australia’s tech-friendly state New South Wales has outlined its future vision for transport where data, biometrics and subscriptions are playing a huge role. This exciting story is our main feature in this week’s subscription roundup. In other news, we look at Facebook which is planning to further monetise its platform by taking a cut of fan subscriptions. We then turn our attention to Inter Active Corp’s (IAC) Chairman Barry Diller who reckons that Netflix may have already won the streaming wars. Finally, we look at Spotify’s new Lite app for Android and Indian delivery giant Swiggy’s foray into subscription-based home essentials deliveries.

New South Wales to adopt Netflix-style subscription model for its transport service

As we predicted in our Subscription Business Trends for 2019 report, the public sector will catch up with subscriptions soon. In fact, Australian state New South Wales has just outlined its vision for the future of transport which is heavily reliant on next-gen technologies and business models. The state is undertaking a lot of initiatives to make the best possible use of transport data and offer subscription-based transport services.

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Facebook will take a 30% cut of fan subscriptions

From 1st January 2020, social media giant Facebook will start taking a 30% cut of fan subscriptions. The new plan is a part of a broader array of monetisation-related announcements that the company made recently at VidCon. Facebook first rolled out fan subscriptions in 2018, allowing creators to charge their fans $4.99 per month for exclusive content and a fan badge, as reported in the March edition of our subscription roundup.

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Has Netflix won the streaming wars already?

According to IAC Chairman and media legend Barry Diller, Netflix has taken such a lead in the SVOD space that other video streaming services simply cannot catch up with them. While Apple has already unveiled its video streaming service, Disney, AT&T and NBCUniversal are all set to launch their video streaming services in the coming months. According to Diller, the only service that can make a dent in the market is Disney+.

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Spotify Lite for Android Launches in 36 countries

Spotify has launched its Lite app on Android devices in 36 countries. The app is designed to work on patchy or weak internet connections and packs in 90% of the regular app features in just 10MB. Spotify Lite is open to both paying and non-paying users, however the app is not coming to iOS as the stripped-down experience is aimed at Android owners who would not usually shell out big bucks. India is a key focus for Spotify and it has already launched the Lite app in the country, as we reported in an earlier subscription roundup.

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Swiggy expands to subscription-based home essentials delivery service

Indian food delivery giant Swiggy is expanding its scope of services to include subscription-based home essentials deliveries. The subscription service is powered by Swiggy’s acquisition of Supr Daily in 2018. Supr Daily started off as a milk delivery company but expanded into other home essential deliveries.

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