Facebook and Google face regulatory scrutiny over ad market dominance

Facebook and Google face regulatory scrutiny over ad market dominance Facebook and Google are in the crosshairs of regulators again! The UK’s competition watchdog the Competition and Markets Authority has launched an investigation into the ad market dominance of these two giants. The story is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. In other news, we look at Apple Music which has just topped 60 million subscribers. We then look at retail giant Walmart which is all set to lose a whopping $1B on US e-commerce business this year. Next, we move to an interesting study which showcases the problem Netflix subscribers have with ads on the platform. And finally, we look at the launch of a new movie subscription plan from Regal Cinemas.

UK’s competition watchdog launches investigation into Google and Facebook

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into the way tech giants Google and Facebook collect and exploit user data along with their domination of the country’s digital advertising market. The two firms control more than 70% of the UK ad market. Facebook has faced a lot of flak after the Cambridge Analytica scandal which surfaced last year. It is also facing regulatory scrutiny over its new cryptocurrency project Libra.

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Apple Music crosses 60 million subscribers

Apple’s music streaming platform – Apple Music - has passed the 60 million subscriber mark. However, the service is still way behind Spotify which boasts of 100 million premium subscribers worldwide. In addition, Apple Music’s growth rate is facing a slowdown whereas Spotify has a massive pipeline of free users that can potentially be converted into paying subscribers. With Apple’s new focus on subscription services, can it become the global music streaming platform of choice?

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Walmart to lose $1 billion in e-commerce

Walmart’s efforts to catch up with Amazon have led to a significant impact on its profitability. The company’s e-commerce business is all set to lose $1 billion on revenue estimated between $21 billion and $22 billion this fiscal year. This has led to tension between some executives in the company.

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Netflix subscribers would drop the streaming service if it started playing ads

According to a new study, 23% of Netflix users would cancel their subscriptions if the company started showing ads on the platform. There has been some speculation that the SVOD giant is thinking about commercials since it is borrowing a lot of money and facing increased competition from the likes of Disney and Apple. However, the report also adds that more people would accept ads if Netflix lowered its prices.

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Regal Cinemas to launch movie subscriptions

Regal Cinemas is the latest entrant to the unlimited movie ticket subscription race. According to reports, the company will offer three pricing tiers ($18, $21 and $24) and offer unlimited tickets based on location. The entry of Regal Cinemas showcases the increasing popularity of movie ticket subscriptions, which was pioneered by the likes of MoviePass.

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