Apple mulling a subscription bundle for music, tv and news

Apple mulling a subscription bundle for music, tv and news This week’s subscription roundup is dominated by the tech giants. First, we look at Apple which reportedly is going all in on subscriptions through a new subscription bundle similar to Amazon Prime. If launched, this new package will give access to all of Apple’s subscription services. In other news, we look at the results of Facebook’s news subscription tests. And lastly, we turn to YouTube which is looking at a new way to appease creators through subscriptions.

Apple may launch an Amazon Prime like subscription bundle

Cupertino-based smartphone giant, Apple, is rumoured to be thinking about rolling out a new subscription service for its TV, music and online magazine services. While Apple Music is fairly well established, the company’s plans for launching a new video streaming service are relatively new. In addition, Apple also acquired magazine subscription platform Texture earlier this year and it was widely expected that the company would incorporate this acquisition within its news subscription service. If Apple is indeed successful with video streaming, this subscription bundle might be a worthy contender to win some additional market share.

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Facebook shares test results of selling news subscriptions through Instant Articles

Last year, Facebook started doing tests to explore the sale of news subscriptions through Instant Articles. Facebook has now revealed that the tests have proved successful as users are 17% more likely to subscribe to news services through Facebook’s Instant Articles than standalone web links. Facebook is also testing a button that allows publishers to promote subscription offers right from their Facebook page.

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YouTube will allow creators to sell subscriptions to their fans

In a bid to appease its popular creators, YouTube has introduced a new feature that will allow creators with more than 100,000 subscribers to sell memberships to their fans for a monthly fee. The membership will give subscribers access to exclusive content, merchandise and emojis. Many popular YouTube channel creators have been calling for more ways to make revenue on the popular video platform as money from advertisements has steadily declined. Many creators are now exploring other platforms like Facebook, Amazon’s Twitch or even the newly launched IGTV. This new subscription feature is one way in which YouTube wants to
keep its creators happy.

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