Instagram launches IGTV app to take on YouTube

Instagram launches IGTV app to take on YouTube Welcome to another week of our subscription roundup! The video-sharing platform race is certainly heating up as more established tech companies take on the mighty YouTube. Facebook-owned Instagram has now jumped into the race with its own IGTV app. Can this platform make waves in the space? Instagram’s parent company Facebook is also busy testing subscriptions for private groups, whilst another tech giant, Amazon, is expanding its subscription program by officially launching Prime Wardrobe in the US. And lastly, we look at AMC’s new MoviePass-style subscription service.

Instagram’s IGTV app will allow long-form videos

After reports about Amazon’s plans to build a video sharing platform, Instagram has now launched its own video sharing app called IGTV. While the previous limit for Instagram videos was only one minute, IGTV can support videos up to one hour long. IGTV will be available through a button inside Instagram, and also function as a standalone app. With 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, the video platform does have a great chance to explode. The app will only allow vertical videos clearly indicating that Instagram envisions a mobile-first future for videos as well. It will also be interesting to see how Instagram monetises the content.

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Facebook testing subscriptions for private groups

While Facebook is still undecided about offering an ad-free subscription supported version of its entire platform, the company is testing subscriptions for a smaller subset of its ecosystem – private groups. Group administrators can now charge anywhere between $4.99 to $29.99 for memberships. For now, Facebook won’t take any cut from the subscription revenue earned by these private groups.

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe launched in the US

Amazon has rolled out Amazon Prime wardrobe for all Prime subscribers in the US. First announced last year, Prime Wardrobe allows shoppers to try clothes and other items at home, send back what they don’t like, and only pay for what they keep. Amazon Prime Wardrobe aims to take on personalised shopping services such as Stitch Fix. It’s been a busy week for Amazon as it also launched its Prime subscription service in Australia.

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AMC to offer Movie-Pass style subscription service

AMC Theaters has announced that it will start a movie ticket subscription service which will allow three screenings per week for $19.95 per month. This subscription model has been made popular by MoviePass, which has been struggling to turn a profit despite healthy subscription numbers.

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