Mercedes Benz begins pilot subscription program

Mercedes Benz begins pilot subscription program The automobile industry is dominating this week’s subscription roundup as we look into the new subscription plans offered by Mercedes Benz and Jeep. Can these companies make car ownership an obsolete concept? Our other story this week focuses on music streaming service Spotify’s new move to attract artists. 

Mercedes Benz car subscription service starts at $1,095

Mercedes Benz will pilot its new car subscription service in two US cities - Nashville and Philadelphia. The app-based subscription service has three pricing tiers ranging from $1,095 to $2,995 a month. Subscribers will get access to 30 different car models, right from C-Class Sedans to GLE sport utility vehicles. They can even swap cars as often as they like, depending on the subscription tier.

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You can now subscribe to Jeep

Jeep has joined automobile companies including Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo to launch a new car subscription program. Called the Jeep Wave, the subscription service will allow users to swap cars for a recurring monthly fee. However, Jeep has not yet revealed the price of these subscriptions.

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Spotify trying to lure artists with direct deals

Music streaming giant Spotify, which went public this year, is trying to attract artists with direct licensing deals to improve its cost structure. Spotify essentially wants to disrupt the market share of record labels which take away the lion’s share of revenue per stream. This would enable both Spotify and the artists to earn more money.

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