Microsoft taking on Amazon with check-out free retail technology

Microsoft taking on Amazon with check-out free retail technology Welcome to another edition of our Subscription Roundup. This week we look at Microsoft’s efforts to battle with Amazon over check-out free retail technology. Who will win this this battle of technology between Amazon and Microsoft? Next, we look at Electronic Arts’ new subscription for PC games. And finally, we move on to another company that is pushing the subscription frontier by turning home Wi-Fi into a subscription service.

Tech Wars : Microsoft vs Amazon

Software giant, Microsoft, is working on a new technology for the retail industry which will eliminate cashiers from stores. The technology will be a direct competitor to Amazon’s own technology which it piloted with the first Amazon Go store in Seattle. Microsoft is also in talks with Walmart for a potential collaboration with this new technology. However, Amazon has the ‘Prime’ leverage in this game. Can Microsoft and Walmart break that?

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EA launches a new subscription program for PC games

Electronic Arts (EA) has launched Origin Access Premier, a new subscription service for Windows-based PC video games. The subscription program will be available to gamers for $14.99 a month or $99.99 per year. Origin Access Premier will provide subscribers early access to new EA titles, as well as games in the vault.

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Want to subscribe to your home Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi router startup, Plume, is trying to turn home Wi-Fi into a subscription model. The service will cost $60 a year, or $200 for lifetime membership. Apart from the obvious benefit of reduced pricing on the routers, Plume’s subscription service will also bring value-added services such as warranties. Another router company Eero had also started offering a subscription service for providing additional features with routers. 

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