Hewlett Packard Enterprise betting on subscriptions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise betting on subscriptions Slowly but surely, technology giants are all gravitating towards the subscription model. In this week’s subscription roundup we focus on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) which is planning a big push into subscription services. Meanwhile, Walmart continues to try and catch up with arch-rival Amazon through a new unlimited grocery delivery subscription service. We then take a closer look at Spotify’s new update. And of course, the big tech news this week is Facebook’s cryptocurrency launch, so we examine how Libra might help e-commerce and subscription services. And finally, we look at The West Australian’s move towards subscriptions.

HPE to move towards the subscription model

HPE is planning to make many of its products available through subscription services in the next three years. The shift towards subscriptions comes as its core hardware business has declined thanks to the rise of cloud computing which has changed the way companies buy IT infrastructure. The company already sells ‘pay-as-you-go’ software for many of its products.

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Walmart now offers a ‘Delivery Unlimited’ subscription

Walmart has launched a new grocery delivery subscription service called ‘Delivery Unlimited’. The plan is available for $12.95 per month or $98 per year, along with a 15-day trial period. Walmart customers can already order groceries online and pick them up at the store free of charge or pay $9.95 per-order delivery fees. The new subscription plan will offer a third option to their customers. The company hopes to take on rivals Amazon Prime/Whole Foods, Target’s Shipt and Instacart with this service. In last month’s subscription roundup, we reported that Walmart is also planning to offer free next-day delivery to 75% of the US by the end of this year.

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Spotify separates podcasts and music for premium users

Spotify has rolled out an updated library for its premium users. The new update separates music and podcasts more distinctively, along with new features for both content types. Spotify users haven’t really been very impressed with the company’s treatment of podcasts which were categorised by shows until now. The move comes at a time when Spotify has been increasingly focusing on podcasts as part of its future growth plans.  

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Facebook Libra might benefit e-commerce and subscriptions

Facebook launched its new cryptocurrency project called Libra earlier this week. The cryptocurrency, which will be available in 2020, is expected to have a huge impact on e-commerce and subscriptions. Libra might accelerate Facebook’s push into the e-commerce space by helping the company control the end-to-end e-commerce lifecycle – from being a digital marketplace to payments and settlements. Facebook could also use Libra to offer micro-subscriptions for news services such as access to a single article or a specific time period, as well as full-scale subscriptions.

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‘The West Australian’ introduces digital subscriptions

Seven West Media-owned newspaper The West Australian has introduced subscriptions on its platform. The publisher will include a freemium model with the core subscription service offered at $1 per day. The publisher has said that this will allow them to produce deeper content and understand what readers want from them.

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