Mozilla to bring subscription service to Firefox

Mozilla to bring subscription service to Firefox Mozilla, the company behind the popular browser Firefox, is now turning towards subscriptions as it no longer wants to rely on companies that pay to be featured on the browser. The story is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. We then move on to French gaming company Ubisoft which has unveiled its new subscription plan, whilst Google has also revealed new plans for its game streaming service – Google Stadia. In other news, Spotify continues to work on features to improve subscriber experience whereas Amazon has just launched its prime subscription bundle in the UAE. And lastly, we look at an interesting subscription service from Misfits Market.

Mozilla Firefox to offer subscription service by October

Mozilla plans to launch a new subscription service within its Firefox browser which is expected to offer additional features such as VPN or cloud storage. While it is not clear whether it will be a single subscription with multiple offerings or separate subscription services, it is reported that Mozilla will start offering subscriptions by October. Mozilla has been testing VPN subscriptions since October 2018, which we reported in an earlier subscription roundup.
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Ubisoft unveils its game subscription service

French gaming company Ubisoft has unveiled its new subscription service called UPlay+. The service will launch on September 3rd and cost $14.99 per month, including access to more than 100 titles. We had reported about Ubisoft’s plans for a subscription service in last month’s subscription roundup.
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Google Stadia to offer publisher-specific subscriptions?

Google has revealed details of its game streaming service Stadia which will include a Founder’s edition and a Stadia Pro package, with a planned launch in November. A senior Google executive, Phil Harrison, has reportedly said that the service will also offer publisher-specific subscriptions. This would allow gamers to subscribe to titles from individual publishers.
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Spotify may let listeners add songs in a real-time playlist

Spotify’s success owes a lot to its almost obsessive efforts to continuously improve listener experience. The music streaming giant is now working on a new feature – Social Listening – that will allow users to add songs to a real-time playlist. The first-of-its-kind feature will allow multiple users to contribute to a playlist. Spotify has already been working on features such as sleep timer, scan codes, map integration and Storyline.
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Amazon Prime launches in the UAE

Amazon has launched its Prime subscription bundle in the UAE. This follows the transition of to earlier this year, two years after Amazon acquired Souq for $580 million. Can Amazon work its magic in the Middle East?
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Misfits Market has raised $16.5 million for an ‘ugly’ produce subscription box

In case you are wondering, yes you read that right! Misfits Market has raised $16.5 million for its subscription box containing ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies – the kind which come in odd shapes and sizes. The company reckons that this service will help address food wastage, since ‘ugly’ produce never makes it to the grocery stores. Don’t we always tell you that there is a subscription service for everything?!
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