Netflix raises subscription prices in the UK

Netflix raises subscription prices in the UK All good things in life come at a price, and that includes Netflix. The SVOD giant has just raised prices for its services in the UK, and that is our main feature in this week’s subscription roundup. Netflix is also testing some new features to improve the subscriber experience. Another subscription giant Spotify has launched an experimental app called Stations in the US. We then move on to Apple which is making rapid strides in the subscription space by ditching iTunes, whilst Amazon continues to push the boundaries of commerce by improving its new Prime Air Delivery Drone. Next we shift the spotlight towards the automobile industry as Hertz launches a new subscription service and Mercedes Benz expands on its existing service.  And finally, we look at Facebook testing the subscription space with new tools for publishers.

Netflix raises subscription prices by 20% in the UK

Video streaming giant Netflix is raising subscription prices by up to 20% for its subscribers in the UK. The cost for a standard plan will increase by £1 to £8.99, while the Premium plan will increase by £2 to £11.99. Netflix had last raised its prices in the UK back in 2017. However, the price rise in the UK was expected since the popular SVOD platform raised prices in the US earlier this year.

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Netflix testing a new ‘Extras’ category on its mobile app

Netflix continues to work towards offering a compelling experience to its subscribers. The company is testing a new tab called ‘Extras’ on its mobile app that will allow users to scroll through recommended Netflix Originals, set reminders for shows and movies and also share trailers with friends. Notably, the design for the new category is different from the app and seeks inspiration from social media platforms such as Instagram.

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Spotify launches experimental Stations app in the US

Spotify has launched its lightweight listening app - Stations - in the US. The app, which is already available to users in Australia, provides a radio-like experience by offering curated playlists. Many have likened Spotify Stations to Pandora. It is available on both iOS and Android. In addition, the music streaming giant is also testing new curated podcast playlists

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RIP iTunes, long live Subscriptions

Apple has just retired its popular media management software platform iTunes in favour of three separate apps – Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts. The announcement was made during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Apple’s new apps in these areas align with its current push for subscription services around the company’s large ecosystem.

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Amazon is transforming its Prime Air delivery drone

Amazon has unveiled the latest version of its radical Prime Air delivery drone, which is capable of vertical take-off and landing along with sustained forward flight. The company has already stated that it wants to use the drone for deliveries in the coming months. Amazon also needs US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval on the design.

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Hertz pilots a car subscription service

Car rental giant Hertz has joined a long list of automobile companies to launch car subscription services. The company has unveiled the pilot version of its new subscription service – Hertz My Car – in two cities in the US. The Hertz subscription service will be offered in two tiers, starting at $999 per month.

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Mercedes Benz expands its subscription service

Mercedes Benz has expanded its luxury car subscription service to a third city in the US. Already available in Nashville and Philadelphia, the automobile giant plans to expand its service to Atlanta. Mercedes has enjoyed considerable success with its subscription program, roping in 82% of subscribers who have never owned a Mercedes before.

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Facebook introduces more subscription tools for publishers

Facebook is putting more tools in the hands of publishers through Instant Articles to help them kickstart subscriptions. The company will not be charging the 30% cut it usually takes for similar products from other creators. Facebook’s foray into subscriptions through Instant Articles was first announced in 2017.

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