Spotify’s increasing focus on podcasts gets approval from Wall Street

Spotify’s increasing focus on podcasts gets approval from Wall Street ​The focus is back on Spotify in this week’s subscription roundup as we highlight a report which is bullish on Spotify’s efforts to position itself as a major player in the podcasting space. Staying with Spotify, Apple has responded to the music streaming giant’s complaint over the ‘Apple Tax’ and restrictive App Store rules. We then shift our focus to Amazon which is expanding its Amazon Air delivery fleet. And finally, we look at India’s new rules around data sovereignty that impacts companies like Mastercard and Visa.

Spotify’s increasing integration of podcasts could boost revenue

According to Wall Street financial services firm Guggenheim Partners, Spotify’s big bet on podcasting could pay off handsomely for the company in the long run. Spotify acquired two podcasting companies earlier this year and has been introducing a lot of new features to better integrate podcasting into its service. The research firm estimates that the music streaming giant’s advertising revenue from podcasts could grow to as much as $250 million by 2021 if it can capture 25% of the total revenue in the space.

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Apple responds to Spotify’s complaint

Earlier this year, we wrote about Spotify’s antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission over its infamous ‘Apple Tax’ – the 30% fee that the Cupertino giant takes for  payments through its apps. Apple recently filed a response to the complaint stating that Spotify is exaggerating the money taken by the App Store. If the EU does not find Apple’s argument convincing, it is likely that the spat between the two companies will play out for a long time.

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Amazon to add 15 cargo planes to its delivery fleet by 2021

E-commerce giant Amazon has announced a new partnership with GE Capital Aviation Services to lease 15 more Boeing cargo planes and boost its Amazon Air delivery fleet. The fleet will deliver domestic packages across the Amazon Air network. Amazon currently leases five Boeing planes through the same company.

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India’s central bank requires payment companies to store data in India

The Reserve Bank of India has clarified a new data sovereignty rule that applies to payment companies such as Mastercard and Visa. While these companies are allowed to process transactions outside the country, the related data needs to be brought back to the country for storage within 24 hours.  The clarification comes amidst escalating trade tensions between the US and India.

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