Apple acquires digital magazine subscription service Texture

Apple acquires digital magazine subscription service Texture This week’s subscription roundup is all about the industry giants – Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Walmart. Our main feature looks into Apple’s acquisition of Texture, the digital newsstand commonly referred to as the ‘Netflix of Magazines’. The Cupertino-based tech giant follows peers such as Google and Facebook which have also been looking at ways to work with the publishing industry. Our next story delves into Google’s new search feature which will prioritise news subscriptions. Then we turn the spotlight on subscription giant Netflix’s move in to the news industry. We then bring you news about Amazon’s credit card and a new offering for Prime subscribers. Lastly, we look at how retail behemoth Walmart is taking the fight to Amazon’s Prime Now service.

Apple enters the magazine subscription business

Apple recently acquired Texture, a magazine subscription service which gives subscribers access to about 200 magazines for a monthly fee of $9.99. The ‘Texture’ app is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows 10 platforms. Apple’s move comes at a time when the gap between tech and media companies continues to narrow with every passing day. Apple also acquired music recognition app Shazam last year.

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Google will prioritise stories for news subscriptions

Search engine giant Google will make tweaks in its search features to help media and publishing companies find and retain paying readers. Users who subscribe to newspapers will find articles from these publishers higher up in the search results. The company will also share search data about potential subscribers which will help publishers target these customers.

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Is Netflix getting into news next?

After TV shows, movies and documentaries, subscription streaming service Netflix has its sights set on news. The company is said to be working on a weekly news show which will rival broadcasts such as CBS’ 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20. The company is currently looking to make it economically viable without comprising the production values and integrity of news gathering. Will Netflix be able to dominate this sphere as well?

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Amazon is now offering a co-branded credit card

Last week, we reported that Amazon is rumoured to be enter the banking industry. The e-commerce giant has now taken one more step to grow its financial services arm by offering an Amazon co-branded credit card to small business owners. The card will offer business owners reward points for purchases and could even offer insurance sometime in the future. Amazon already offers two consumer credit cards through JPMorgan and Synchrony Financial which offer features such as a five percent cash back on purchases.

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Amazon Prime members will now get five free games every month

It looks like the list of perks available to Amazon Prime subscribers never stops growing. After free and faster deliveries, special discounts, access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music, subscribers will now get five free video games every month. The program will be offered through Twitch, a live streaming video platform, owned by a subsidiary of Amazon.

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Walmart expands its home delivery services

Walmart, in its bid to outdo Amazon, has expanded its home delivery services to 100 metro areas from the existing 6 locations. This will enable the retail giant to reach 40% of the households in the US. While this may affect Walmart’s bottom line, grocery delivery will be an essential component if it has to take the fight to Amazon’s Prime Now service. Deliveries will cost $9.95 with a minimum order of $30. Recently, Amazon launched a two-hour Prime Now grocery delivery service from Whole Foods across 4 cities in the US, free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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