Lyft to offer ride-sharing subscriptions?

Lyft to offer ride-sharing subscriptions? In this week’s subscription roundup, we look at Lyft, a popular ride-sharing service that is testing out new subscription bundles. We then turn our attention towards subscription music service Spotify’s efforts towards improving in-car streaming. Lastly, we look at why YouTube wants to ‘frustrate’ its users into signing up for its upcoming music subscription service.

Can you now subscribe to your next ride with Lyft?

Ride-sharing app Lyft is currently testing out all-access monthly subscription plans. Passengers will pay a recurring monthly fee for a set number of rides and initial reports suggest that subscribers will have two options - $199 for 30 rides and $399 for 60 rides. Lyft wants to test which price points are popular with passengers who are likely to subscribe to such a service.

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Spotify wants to improve in-car streaming, starts with Cadillac

While many subscribers of music streaming apps such as Spotify listen in their cars, the experience can vary wildly based on the technology available. Spotify wants to solve this problem and is teaming up with Cadillac to develop an app that runs directly in their cars and streams music over built-in LTE connections. With this deep car integration, Spotify won’t act like a separate app but will become a core part of the in-car entertainment system. Will we see Spotify bring this technology to other car manufacturers as well?

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Is YouTube about to frustrate its users into subscribing to their new service?

YouTube will start serving more adverts to heavy music listeners in order to push them into subscribing to their upcoming music subscription service. In a recent interview, YouTube’s global head of music Lyor Cohen said that “there’s a lot more people in their funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers”. While the comment may have been a little too direct, serving viewers more ads makes a lot of sense for the platform. Many viewers use YouTube as a free music service and serving ads is a proven strategy for converting them into subscribers. The same strategy has been used by Spotify quite effectively.

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