Apple ready to launch its video and magazine subscription service on March 25th?

Apple ready to launch its video and magazine subscription service on March 25th? Apple’s upcoming event on March 25th has generated a lot of buzz amongst tech circles. The Cupertino-based giant is expected to debut its brand new SVOD and news subscription offerings, in a big push towards services, and this story is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. While Apple may be making all the right moves for Wall Street, its arch rival in the music streaming space, Spotify, has just filed a complaint against it in the EU. Read below to find out why. In other news, YouTube has just launched its subscription services in India, while Amazon Prime continues to gain a stronghold in the US. Lastly, we look at Netflix’s new plans for its content.

Will Apple take the subscription industry by storm on March 25th?

Apple has generated a lot of anticipation around its upcoming streaming services. If Apple does launch its video streaming service and the news subscription service, it will become one of the biggest players in the subscription industry in one fell swoop. Apple has reportedly already signed deals with Hollywood A-Listers and is also testing features for news magazine subscriptions in MacOS Betas. An analyst report has even said that Apple could attract 100 million subscriptions in the next 3-5 years which could potentially generate up to $10 billion in annual revenue. So, will we finally see the launch of Apple’s big subscription services on March 25th or will it be just another hardware event?
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Spotify files an antitrust complaint against Apple for its ‘Apple Tax’

Music streaming giant Spotify has just filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in the EU. The company has voiced its concerns over the 30% of in-app subscription fees that Apple takes from subscription businesses on the app store. Dubbed ‘Apple Tax’, Spotify has alleged that Apple’s policies stifle innovation and limit consumer choices. Apple has been under fire for its 30% transaction fee for a long time.
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YouTube Music, YouTube Premium launched in India

In our subscription roundup at the start of the month we reported about Spotify’s launch in India. YouTube has now followed suit by becoming the latest streaming company to hit Indian shores with the launch of its Music Premium and YouTube Premium services. Music Premium allows users to listen to ad-free music in addition to some other new features, whilst YouTube Premium gives a full YouTube experience with ad free videos, background play and access to YouTube Originals. Music Premium starts at Rs 99 ($1.42) per month whereas YouTube Premium is available for Rs 129 ($1.86) per month.

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More than half of households in the US have Amazon Prime membership

In a report that points to the growing clout of Amazon’s subscription bundle in the US, we learn that 51.3% of US households will have an Amazon Prime membership this year. This equates to 69.3 million homes that will be able to access videos, music, free and fast deliveries, and lots more from the world’s most diverse subscription bundle. Prime membership growth is expected to be driven by low-income households and other consumer-friendly options such as payment instalment plans.
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Netflix to introduce more interactive programming

Buoyed by the positive reactions to its show Black Mirror’s interactive episode Bandersnatch, SVOD giant Netflix is all set to make interactive storytelling a more regular feature in its content library. The company has also said that it will move beyond Sci-Fi to other genres such as comedy or even romance.
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