Apple wants to sell video subscriptions through TV app

Apple wants to sell video subscriptions through TV app In this week’s subscription roundup, we bring you the top stories from around the globe. First up, we look at tech giant Apple which wants to boost its services business by selling subscriptions through its TV app. We then look at the big retail news from the week as Walmart has pipped Amazon to acquire a majority stake in India’s largest e-commerce firm, Flipkart. Subscriptions seem to be on the mind of Canadian media and publishing company Torstar Corp., which also wants to reinvent its business. Next, we look at Nintendo which has revealed details of its Switch subscription plans. Last, but certainly not least, we feature an analyst prediction which says that Microsoft is likely to buy Netflix.

Apple plans to reinvent Cable TV by selling subscriptions

Apple wants to start selling subscriptions to some video services directly through its TV app, instead of asking viewers to subscribe to separate apps. This would certainly improve the customer experience on Apple TV and other iOS devices. Apple can also use this to boost its services business, which is aiming for an ambitious $50 billion a year in revenues within 3 years. The California-based company intends to roll out the feature next year. Incidentally, Apple is also planning to launch its own video streaming service next year.

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Walmart picks up 77% stake in India’s Flipkart

US retail giant Walmart is picking up a 77% stake in India’s Flipkart for $16 billion. Furthermore, Walmart plans to invest an additional $2 billion to strengthen its hold on the e-commerce firm. It is noteworthy that Amazon also made a last-ditch effort to buy a stake in Flipkart, so this will further intensify the grand old battle between Amazon and Walmart.

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Torstar plans to adopt subscription-based model

Canadian media company Torstar Corp., which owns Toronto Star and other publications, will move to the subscription model, emulating peers such as Bloomberg and The New York Times. The pricing details of its subscription plans haven’t been announced yet. However, it is interesting to note that it is the company’s second foray into charging users for online content. It previously launched a paywall back in 2013 asking users to subscribe for $9.99 per month, but dumped it less than two years later on account of lack of subscribers.

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Nintendo unveils Switch online subscription plans

Months after the initial announcement, gaming company Nintendo has now revealed details of all the subscription plans for its Switch console. The pricing plans are kept flexible with a monthly plan at $3.99, quarterly plan at $7.99 and an annual plan at $19.99. Subscribers can also choose a family plan which is available at $34.99 annually. The subscription will give gamers access to classic NES games and allow them to play online with other gamers, save game data to the cloud and receive exclusive deals.

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Will Microsoft buy Netflix?

There has been a lot of speculation about Apple buying Netflix, but one analyst thinks that a different mega-merger is on the cards. Wall Street Media analyst Porter Bibb has predicted that Microsoft will buy Netflix within a few years, in an effort to gain its share of the video streaming pie. While it may seem far-fetched, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was on the board at Microsoft for five years before quitting to focus on Netflix. It sure will be an interesting one to watch out for!

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